Industrial cabling

Egaratelek has specialised in manufacturing all kinds of electric cabling for 15 years. Our speciality is designing and manufacturing electric cables for solving all kinds of application in any industrial sector, providing the best solution for our customers. Based on a plan or a sample, we manufacture pieces from single-wire cables with minimum cable section for control system cables to bigger ones for power cables. Similarly, we manufacture all kinds of tubes and flat cables with any number of lines. We also create sets of pre-manufactured cables to send straight to production lines for customers like Kanban.


All cabling from Egaratelek goes through different quality control methods, which ensure that the product is delivered without any faults or errors.

The demands of an industrial market push us to provide better solutions for connectivity. For such purpose, the electric cabling division of Egaratelek offers a wide range of integrated solutions for electrical cables, consulting with the customers to get the best solution for their needs. We have automatic machinery for our manufacturing process, as well as excellent staff and technical resources that allow us to offer the versatility and quality our customers demand.

To meet our customers’ quality expectations, all cabling made by Egaratelek goes through exhaustive quality controls during the whole manufacturing process using certified and duly calibrated devices, which ensure that the finished product is of 100% quality. We have an ISO 9001:2015 certificate and a certificate from UL ZPFW2/ZPFW8 which accredits us as an authorised company to manufacture and export all kinds of electric cables for the restricted and demanding North American market.


  • Automotive industry
  • Recreational equipment
  • Vending machines
  • Industrial machines
  • Lighting
  • IT
  • Climate control
  • Packaging
  • Electric and electronic components