Electric Cabinets

For over 25 years, Egaratelek has specialised in designing, developing and manufacturing electric panels and industrial automation systems. The company assembles electric cabinets according to the legislation in force and each customer’s specifications, drawing up the necessary wiring plans and electrical diagrams for them to be assembled in our workshops. Once the cabinet has been assembled, it goes through exhaustive tests, both functional and for insulation, ensuring that the installation works correctly at our customers’ premises. All of the cabinets leave our workshop having been completely checked, each with specific control guidelines.

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  • Control cabinets
  • Power cabinets
  • Control desks
  • Switch boxes
  • Prototype assembly
  • Mass assembly of cabinets

Egaratelek also has qualified staff to provide services to our customer in installing and setting up equipment in each production plant.


Since the beginning, our ideal was to improve and innovate at the same time as our customers, providing the best technological solutions in each industrial automation project.

  • Industrial PLC or PC applications
  • Communications networks
  • User interfaces (HMI)
  • Servo-assisted systems
  • Frequency shifters
  • Solutions for applications with machine vision
  • Robot programming
  • Improvement of processes through SCADA data processing


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