Aluminium tube laser marking machine

Egaratelek has developed a laser marking machine for ointment tubes in aluminium packaging for a customer in the pharmaceutical sector.


The objective was to double the speed of the marking line, reaching 240 tubes per minute and to be compatible with the existing tube formats. Another necessary requirement from the customer was that it should be a compact and reliable machine with easy and cheap maintenance.


The machine includes a laser marking device and two machine vision systems. The first of them inspects and controls the correct position of the tubes and the second one checks the correct marking.
To transport the tubes internally from the input line up the exit ramps, we used a lineal XTS transport system with a movement speed of the movers of up to 4 m/s with absolute precision.
The software is functional enough to allow for independent movements on each mover, with a specific servo assigned that ensures that the movement and stopping of the movers is absolutely precise.